Constipation Blues Is Noticeable In Those Whose Body Rhythm Is Interrupted

Everybody has a natural life rhythm and a biological clock known as a circadian rhythm, which keeps a person's body healed as well as whole. Each twenty-four hours, a sleep as well as waking rhythm bears a person through daytime vitality as well as nighttime restfulness.

In the event that this rhythm is interrupted, one will feel discord as well as anxious and maybe even angry. A constipated person will also feel these emotions and one may thus find oneself feeling the constipation blues.

Massages, Sleep And More

To get around the constipation blues, people turn to getting massages that help to restore the balance and cause the rhythms of life to ebb and flow naturally once again. Another means employed to chase the constipation blues is to get enough sleep, which promotes immune functions and restores the metabolic balance. While one sleeps, the proteins in the brain are increased thus affecting mental acuity for the following day.

With adequate sleep, one is assured of maintaining weight while insomnia can cause loss of concentration as well as decision-making abilities. It is common knowledge that constipation can cause discomfort that can ruin the best of days for anyone. Constipation blues include feeling nauseous, fatigued, having headaches and being bloated as well as having stomach gas. The reason why a person gets the constipation blues is because digested food as well as waste stay lodged inside the intestines as well as the digestive track thus causing elimination to be sluggish or even prevented.

However, before trying to beat the constipation blues and taking laxatives one needs to think twice, and resorting to these or other drastic measures should not be done consistently since they may lead to using artificial means to force elimination. Though all fruits are useful in elimination, crunchy fruits like apples and pears are more preferable. Nevertheless, there is nothing that beats drinking water, which is the single most important ingredient that can promote regularity as well as overall health.

Another effective and recommended means to beat the constipation blues is to get adequate exercise because the human body works best when it is moved. Trying out activities such as walking, swimming, mild aerobics as well as other regular forms of exercise will help build strength in muscles as well as internal organs, and the best way to beat sluggish bowel syndrome is to avoid sluggish behavior.

Constipation need not be a problem and with proper diet as well as regular exercise there is no reason why one should fall prey to the constipation blues.