Brewers Yeast and Constipation Go Well Together By Reducing Constipation

Brewer's yeast and constipation are complimentary to one another as brewer's yeast will help ease, clear and reduce constipation - all it requires is a strong stomach that can withstand its taste and one may even add it to juice and consume it in the mornings and at night. Brewer's yeast has all B vitamins except B12 and also has a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as plenty of amino acids.

Creates A Lot Of Gas In The Colon

The first time one takes brewer's yeast for constipation it will no doubt create gas in the colon, but it will also supplement the good bacteria there and increase their count, which sets into motion the fight between good and bad bacteria as a by-product. One should then continue using brewer's yeast until the gas stops, which could take a few weeks, but it will cause an increase in good bacteria while reducing bad bacteria at the same time.

Brewer's yeast and constipation work even better if one were to also eat cultured yogurt or supplement good bacteria capsules between meals, which is important as it will prevent putting out much HCL acid that would in turn kill off good bacteria. However, for those with gout or who take monoamine oxidase inhibitors, brewer's yeast is not recommended to be taken.

Brewer's yeast for constipation will no doubt take time (few weeks) before it becomes effective. Brewer's yeast is available as powder, flakes and even in tablet form, and in spite of its bitter taste, is rich and contains many nutrients, including proteins, phosphorous as well as chromium. And, there may yet be many undiscovered nutrients that may add to its benefits.

If one consumes thirty grams of brewer's yeast, one will be getting six grams of dietary fiber which is about one fifth of the recommended daily amount. This fiber is important to a person's diet since it helps to increase the bulk of fecal matter and thus promotes healthy bowels as well as intestines.

It brewer's yeast is taken along with raw fruits, apples and vegetables, yogurt as well as whole grain cereals and lots of water one will notice improvement in bowel contractions. Brewer's yeast for constipation is great as it is a complete food even though the taste is not so great and it acts as a great supplement to the diet, being full of nutrients and is similar to chlorella, spirulina, green barley extract as well as blue-green algae.

Taking brewer's yeast for constipation should be begun slowly with just a thimble to get started and then slowly one can work one's way up depending on how one feels. For those with chronic yeast problems, brewer's yeast for constipation is not recommended.