Baby Constipation Is not Something They Complain About

One frustration that new mothers feel is the inability of a baby to complain about their aches and pains. Later in life, a mother may wish that her children could not complain about their aches and pains, but when they are babies this can cause confusion. When a baby cries, one can assume that they are uncomfortable or unhappy. Baby constipation might be one of the reasons for a crying baby, but this is not readily known. Baby constipation is hard to determine because babies do not always work on a schedule, and their bowel movements can be highly erratic.

Babies are like adults in that their bowel movements are related to what they eat and how much they move. Parents should know that there are some signs of baby constipation that will reduce the guessing game when the baby cries. Baby constipation may be a problem if the baby goes more than a couple of days without a bowel movement. The consistency of the stool from the baby maybe a sign of baby constipation. Sometimes a liquid stool in a baby's diaper could be a sign of baby constipation. Parents should look for these signs as information that the baby cannot provide.

Baby Constipation Occurs for Different Reasons

Breastfeeding is one way to avoid baby constipation for this usually eliminates this problem. The breast milk has the perfect balance for a baby's system. The baby formula could be a reason for baby constipation. A baby that is constipated because of a certain type of formula should be put on a different formula. A doctor will be able to recommend a different brand to eliminate the problem. Baby constipation sometimes occurs when the baby starts to eat solid food. Some of the baby foods that are used for the first solid foods do not have sufficient fiber.

Baby constipation may occur because the baby is dehydrated so the baby should be given more fluids. The baby might become constipated due to an underlying medical condition. The baby should be checked carefully by a doctor if the constipation seems to continue for a couple of days. Movement can help to eliminate constipation in a young baby. Crawlers should be encouraged to crawl more. Systematic massage of the belly of the baby can eliminate the problem. A mother should get directions for this massage from baby books.