Constipation Is Painful and Annoying

Constipation affects many Americans making them uncomfortable and unproductive. This condition afflicts the gastrointestinal system of a person in the large intestine and the colon. This condition occurs when people do not have enough fiber in their diets. People are also affected with constipation when they do not get enough physical activity. Unfortunately, some people must work at desk jobs and do not get enough physical activity during the normal weekday at work. There are also some conditions including irritable bowel syndrome that cause this condition. Milk can cause constipation so people should monitor the amount of milk in their diets if they are concerned with constipation.

Constipation can be caused by certain medications that people must take because of other health conditions. In these cases, people need to consult with their physician to decide if there is an alternative medicine that they can take to relieve this condition while caring for the other medical condition. Pregnant women have a tendency to be constipated because of their condition. These women should also consult with their obstetrician to see if there is a solution for their problems. Constipation often comes with age as the human organs function less optimally than when people were young.

Remedies for Constipation

An apple a day may keep constipation away so people should try to eat more fruit like apples to help with this condition. The problem can be caused by a lack of fiber so adding fiber to the diet will help the person suffering. Other types of fiber can be found in vegetables. People can also alleviate the bad effects of this condition by restricting the amount of fat in their diets. Fats that come from foods such as cheese and some meats contribute to constipation. Coffee can contribute to the bad effects of this condition so any who suffers should try to reduce the amount of coffee in their diets. Drinking lots of water and other liquids can help with this condition.

People should look at their diets to figure why they are constipated. Then they might work with a professional to set up a strategy for feeling better. Exercise is an activity that will contribute to the control of this condition. Physicians can do tests to check for this condition, and then they can recommend changes to patient's current way of life. Physicians might also recommend laxatives if other methods do not help the patient. There is hope for people suffering from constipation so people should look carefully at solutions to decide on the best course of action with their personal physician.