A Coffee Maker For Your Small Living Space

Just because you have a small living space does not mean that you cannot brew your own coffee! There are countless different small coffee makers that are perfect for small living spaces, and chances are you can find something that will suit your needs. There are single cup drip coffee machines, under the cabinet coffee makers, instant coffee tea bags, and even simply small regular coffee makers. What is right for your depends on your particular situation.

Small Apartment With A Kitchen

If you have a small apartment and are fortunate enough to have a kitchen, the best coffee maker for you to save space is probably the under the cabinet coffee maker. This under the cabinet coffee maker screws on or affixes itself in some other way to the bottom side of an upper cabinet. It hangs down to save valuable counter space. This is great because an under the cabinet coffee maker is compact and secure so that you can still brew your morning coffee without having to worry about losing precious counter space to a bulky machine! If you have a small kitchen and are trying to save space, the small under cabinet coffee maker is just right for you.

Renting A Room

If you are renting a room, an under the cabinet coffee maker is probably not right for you. If you do not have any cabinets, then it most definitely is not right for you! Instead, you should look into getting a smaller version of a full sized coffee maker. These you can simply plug in and brew coffee with. In addition, you can also get a small coffee bean grinder so that you can grind your own beans and have fresh coffee whenever you want it. Even in the smallest, kitchen-less apartments a smaller version of a full sized coffee maker will do just fine.

Whatever your coffee needs, remember that brewing your own coffee at home is going to be much cheaper than purchasing a cup of coffee at a coffee shop every day. Coffee is one of the might highest marked up products being sold today. It can cost only a few pennies to make a cup of coffee, but companies still charge a few dollars. So remember—instead of purchasing coffee out every day, work hard to find the coffee maker that is perfect for you and your living situation! It can save you thousands of dollars over the course of time.