A Few Interesting Facts About The Roasted Coffee Bean

With so many different kinds of roasted coffee bean technologies to contend with it is not surprising to learn that many coffee drinkers actually don't really know about these differences. Perhaps the rather fancy roasted coffee bean names add to the confusion and also because many people roast their own coffee beans; this leads to a general lack of true knowledge about the roasted coffee bean.

Modern Technology

No doubt there is nothing quite like the taste of drinking freshly brewed coffee, however modern technology has advanced far enough to make it possible for the new varieties to not lose their freshness which can last for as long as about two years, which is a big change from the previous methods that kept coffee beans fresh for just a month.

With technologies such as the one started by Illy making things very interesting it has now become critical to learn more about modern roasted coffee beans so as to be able to judge different varieties and then choose the best one. Typically, there are three different varieties of the roasted coffee bean: medium, light and full. The last named refers to a roasted coffee bean that is obtained from allowing the bean to not go past its first crack. Such a roasted coffee bean is light in its body and has high acidity and is generally almost flavorless.

The medium roasted coffee bean is generally roasted a bit longer than is the case with light variety and these are categorized as American, full city and regular as well as breakfast, and the most well known brand selling such coffee is of course Starbucks.

Once the roasted coffee bean is allowed to beyond its first crack it is known as full roast and this kind of bean has a heavy body and its aroma too is very strong and the same is the case with its flavor. The different categories of full roasted coffee bean include high and Italian espresso roast or Viennese. To enjoy this kind of roasted coffee bean you will need to first acquire a taste for it though not too many Americans seemed to have developed a liking for this version except in the Northwestern regions of the US.

The earliest recorded instance of the raw coffee bean takes us back to the ninth century and to the highlands of the Dark Continent's region known as Ethiopia. And, these raw beans have also being cultivated in other African countries including Arabia, Yemen and in Egypt where roasting of the beans was quite a common practice.