Organic Instant Coffee is Rapid Inspiration

Coffee is one of life's passions. Coffee has an amazing ability to enhance your enjoyment of life. If you're passionate about your coffee, it's because you enjoy the coffee experience. Coffee is versatile - it can create an ambience, it can match your moods, it can heighten your enjoyment of just about everything you do. Coffee is a part of the ambience that surrounds you in whatever you choose to do.

Coffee is a companion. It's your best friend when you're feeling like quiet contemplation. It's a great conversation facilitator. It's the centerpiece of social interaction. It can lift you up; it can create a mellow ambience. It's suitable for formal occasions and for casual contemplation. And you don't believe that instant coffee can deliver on that companionship - right? Now is the time to reconsider.

Is Instant Coffee Real Coffee?

While your opinion of instant coffee may be lacking, new manufacturing processes are delivering surprising results, especially in the area of organic instant coffee. What was once the exclusive domain of whole bean gourmet coffee has been successfully breached by organic instant coffees, using organic coffee beans to deliver on the promise of great coffee.

The first "instant" coffee was invented in Chicago in 1901; an instant coffee product was not marketed until 1938 when the first brand, Nescafe, made available to consumers. Naturally, consumers were skeptical, as the perception was that any product labeled as instant must be inferior. But instant coffee rapidly gained in popularity, quickly enabling coffee to gain a major share of the overall coffee consumption, even in traditionally hardcore coffee bastions.

Instant coffee is created by first brewing ground coffee in the same fashion (but on a much larger scale) as domestic brewing; it is then dried (either through heat or freezing) to remove the water, leaving a fine powder of real coffee. The instant coffee takes on the characteristics of the ground coffee from which it is made; if the coffee beans used were gourmet or organic, so too will be the instant product.

Much of the instant coffee on the market today is made from a cheaper species of coffee called Robusta, but specialty gourmet and organic instant coffees brands are increasingly available. So while brewed coffee history extends back for centuries, organic instant coffee is coming of age.

How Cool is Organic Instant Coffee

In this day and age, less time is being dedicated as downtime, where it was possible to recharge body and soul while enjoying the companionship of your favorite coffee. While instant coffee will unlikely take the market away from ground coffee, its advantages of portability, convenience and reasonable price will continue to maintain its popularity.

For those times that you cannot brew your coffee of choice, there are now organic instant coffee options waiting to fulfill the role of the perfect companion - with the emotional and sensory attributes of your favorite brewed coffee intact. If you love coffee, but hate the daily grind, instant coffee provides a satisfactory coffee experience with the added convenience.

If coffee is your passion, it makes sense to look for organic instant coffee products made from your ground coffee of choice; many of the premium organic and gourmet coffees from around the world are available in instant form. And if fair trade coffee is a holistic experience for you, you don't have to give up that commitment to gain in the convenience.

Perception is Coffee Reality

We often judge the quality of a product by its brand or packaging, and not by a fair evaluation of the product itself; this is often the fate of instant coffee. Try this simple illusion to prove the theory: make some organic instant coffee in a carafe, and serve it to your discriminating friends and colleagues accompanied by your favorite organic coffee creamer; chances are good that they won't judge your coffee as inferior. You will be ready at a moment's notice to indulge your friends, or yourself, in a soothing coffee ambiance whenever and wherever you need to take a break.