Manual Coffee Grinder: Attractive And Elegant

Though you will come across several different kinds of coffee grinders, the manual coffee grinder stands out because of its attractive appearance as well as because it is more elegant and it is these features that make coffee aficionados prefer this kind of coffee grinder to other types of coffee grinders. A very desirable and common feature of a good manual coffee grinder is its burr mechanism that helps achieve a uniform grind which is something that a blade grinder often is not able to provide.

No Friction

Another good thing about a manual coffee grinder that uses burr mechanism is that when the coffee is ground there is no friction created (as a result of using blades) and so the grind will not heat up. Of course, the operations of a manual coffee grinder is done by hand and so it is necessary to turn a handle and to get the kind of grind that you want you may also need to adjust the grinder by turning a tiny screw that is located on the outside part of the mill.

It generally only takes a couple of minutes for a manual coffee grinder to provide you with enough grind to brew about six cups of coffee. If you grind for longer than a couple of minutes you would get even finer grind and this fine grain can then be used to brew an excellent cup of coffee, and also can be used for brewing espresso and Turkish coffee.

The basic box mill is a very common type of manual coffee grinder and this type of grinder looks just like a cube that has a handle on its top. You need to place the beans into a tiny door and feed them into a hopper. Generally, this kind of manual coffee grinder can hold enough beans to brew approximately six cups of coffee. The mechanism is made from stainless steel which ensures that there is no rusting and keeping the mechanism clean is also not a problem.

There no doubts the attractiveness of various different kinds of manual coffee grinders. However, in these days when everything is being run by electric power, the manual coffee grinder has gone out of fashion and only diehard fans of the hand operated coffee grinder continue using the manual coffee grinder.

The coffee maker grinder is available in different models with companies such as Black and Decker and Bosch coming out with some very useful models. However, many people continue using the manual coffee grinder - if only to get some small amount of satisfaction from sticking to the old and tested way of grinding coffee beans - and perhaps, also to build strength in the arms as well!