Going Traditional: Italian Coffee Machine

There are some coffee connoisseurs that enjoy brewing coffee in different ways rather than just using a drip coffee maker, as is most commonly used in the United States. There are some who enjoy a more full bodied coffee, such as with an espresso or cappuccino coffee machine. There are others who enjoy brewing their coffee in a more traditional manner, from grinding their own beans, to using a coffee maker that has been used from almost the beginning of making coffee. Italian coffee machines are one way for these coffee drinking connoisseurs to enjoy a rich cup of Italian coffee in the comfort of their own homes.

What Is Needed

The type of coffee pot that is usually used as an Italian coffee machine is the Moka coffee pot. This is not like the drip filter machines that are so commonly used. This Italian coffee machine uses different chambers to brew the coffee, which each part having a specific role to play in the coffee making process. The entire contraption looks like a tall tea pot, with a bottom chamber, a top chamber, a lid and a handle by which to pour the coffee when it is done.

There are five different parts to an Italian coffee machine. In the bottom of the Italian coffee machine is the chamber which is placed directly on the stove. This is what is filled with water for the coffee making process to begin. Directly on top of that is the basket which holds the ground coffee. Once the water is poured into the bottom chamber, then the collecting basket is placed on top of it and filled with the ground coffee and the filter is placed on top of that. There is a rubber ring that goes on top of the filter to keep it in place, which goes between the filter and the collecting chamber which is the top of the device.

As the water is heated in the bottom chamber, the steam will start to rise and push the water into the ground coffee and then push the water into the collecting chamber. Individuals can hear the expresso bubbling into the collecting pot and will hear the difference when the last of the water is being pushed through the filter into the collecting pot. When this happens, the Italian coffee machine should be removed immediately from the stove so that the coffee does not get a burned taste to it.