Espresso Coffee Is A Sophisticated Beverage

People make the mistake of thinking that espresso coffee is a certain type of bean, blend or roast. In fact the drink can be made with any kind of bean regardless of how it is blended or roasted. The secret is in the way it is brewed, and it requires both a genuine espresso coffee maker and an experienced hand. A true espresso coffee is a strong shot of caffeine which should ideally be savored. The cultured way to appreciate a shot of espresso is to take the time to smell the aroma and consume it without any milk or sugar.

Where It Originated

The very first cup of espresso coffee was brewed in Milan at the turn of the twentieth century. Though today many people call it 'expresso' the correct spelling and pronunciation is actually 'espresso,' which roughly translated from Italian means a cup of coffee made specifically for the person who will drink it. Espresso coffee quickly gained popularity all over Italy and has been widely consumed all over southern Europe for several decades. Now the beverage is quite fashionable all over the industrialized world and millions of people enjoy it regularly.

How It Is Made

Espresso coffee is pressure brewed using a machine that has a pump or lever. A true espresso making machine has a pressure of at least 135 pounds per square inch. This pressure is used to push water through about one table spoon full of compressed and carefully ground coffee. The result is between one or two ounces of thick concentrated coffee which, if brewed correctly, should have a layer of light brown froth on the top.

Different Ways Of Drinking It

Although traditionally espresso coffee is consumed without adding milk or sugar, drinking it that way is definitely an acquired taste and some people simply find it too bitter. If you find pure espresso coffee is too much for your taste buds you may wish to sweeten it with sugar and/or reduce the strength and concentration of the beverage with milk to make a cappuccino or latte. In fact many modern day espresso machines come with a milk steamer. This piece of apparatus is used to prepare hot frothy milk which can be added to the espresso coffee.

Regardless of which way you choose to consume the beverage it is best enjoyed while in the company of the friends or relatives whose company you enjoy most since it definitely inspires conversation. However, it is wise not to consume an excess of espresso coffee because drinking too much of the stuff can cause headaches and make you feel somewhat jittery.