Genuine Espresso Coffee Makers Cost Money

There are many different espresso coffee makers available for purchase in department stores and online. These machines tend to vary in price significantly. It seems that you can buy an espresso coffee maker for as little as fifty or sixty dollars while the most expensive machines on the market cost much more. This variation in prices could easily confuse consumers who are looking to purchase an espresso coffee maker. How can you tell which machine to purchase in order to make a genuine shot of espresso? Which machine operates simply while producing the best results?

Look For Pressure

There is no such thing as the ideal espresso coffee bean or the perfect roast for that particular kind of coffee. Espresso coffee is produced by brewing with pressure. Therefore a good espresso coffee maker has a pump or lever capable of producing a minimum of 9 BAR of pressure. This pressure quickly forces the water through the finely ground compacted coffee to make a cup of espresso.

Espresso coffee makers that cost less than one hundred dollars to purchase generally aren't the genuine article. They are really mocha coffee machines because they do not have enough pressure to be considered an espresso maker. If you want to shop for an espresso coffee maker take the time to look for one that has a pressure of at least 135 pounds per square inch. The amount of pressure the machine has is far more important than a contemporary design, ease of use or fancy apparatus.

It Takes Practice

Perhaps you have noticed that some people are capable of making excellent espresso coffee which could rival that of any Italian café, while others could not make a decent brew even if their life depended on it. The difference between brews has less to do with the espresso coffee maker than it does with the level of skill of the person who made it. Making the perfect espresso takes practice. Using a milk steamer to make cappuccino or latte is also an art that requires practice and patience. If you purchase a good quality espresso coffee maker but find yourself unable to make a decent brew don't give up. Instead keep practicing until you can make the perfect cup with which to impress your friends and relatives.

What should the ideal cup of espresso coffee look like? The perfect cup is between one and two ounces of thick coffee with a light brown froth on the top. If you use steamed milk to make a latte or cappuccino it should have a frothy consistency and the cup of coffee will have about an inch of foam on the top. Fortunately once you develop the aptitude to brew the perfect espresso and steam the milk to make a cappuccino you never lose it.