How To Purchase The Perfect Espresso Coffee Beans

Technically there is no such thing as the perfect espresso coffee bean. That's because espresso coffee is made by pressure brewing finely ground coffee with a special machine. It has nothing at all to do with the beans you use or the way they were roasted and blended. In fact any bean that comes from a coffee berries can be considered an espresso coffee bean. Getting the best espresso coffee has more to do with the way it is brewed, the quality of the machine and the level of skill of the person brewing it than anything else.

The Italian Tradition

One could argue that the best espresso coffee beans are the ones that were used to make the first cup back in Milan at the turn of the twentieth century. Those were Arabica coffee beans of medium roast. Here in the USA many people think that espresso coffee beans should have a dark roast, but that is not necessarily true. The darker roasts are most commonly used in southern Italy while the northern part of the country still prefers the medium roast. The type, blend and roast of the coffee beans are less important than the freshness. Good espresso coffee beans should be extremely fresh. They should also be finely ground and compressed to get a good strong shot of espresso.

It's A Matter Of Taste

You can use any bean to make a good cup of espresso coffee. You can also use any blend or roast. People who claim that there is a perfect espresso coffee bean that we should all be using are mistaken and perhaps they do not really know that much about the subject. In the end the best espresso coffee bean for you is the one you prefer above the others. Nobody else can dictate what your taste buds should like best since we all prefer different things.

In order to determine which espresso coffee bean, blend and roast you prefer you obviously have to try different varieties. There is a massive assortment of coffee beans, roasts and blends available for purchase at specialist stores and on the web. You can purchase a small packet of coffee beans for less than ten dollars. However, some coffee beans cost close to two hundred dollars a pack. That doesn't mean that the best espresso coffee beans are the ones that cost most. There is every chance that you will prefer a cheaper variety over one that is more expensive. Look around for an affordable coffee bean that has a flavor you really like.