Decaf Coffee Bean Is Obtained By Stripping The Caffeine Content From Coffee Beans

By using certain processes that ensure that your regular coffee is stripped off its caffeine content people are now able to drink what is termed as decaf coffee or coffee which is obtained from use of the decaf coffee bean. This process of decaffeination begins with taking the coffee bean and soaking it in enough water to ensure that the caffeine content is dissolved either with the help of activated carbons or through use of some solvent.

Lost Flavors

After this, the decaf coffee bean is obtained by soaking the coffee beans into decaffeinated water so that the beans soak back the lost flavor that was lost in the initial process of extraction of caffeine. To obtain the decaf coffee bean through the soaking process the most typical solvents used include methylene chloride and ethyl acetate that are distinguished because by the fact that they each has a boiling point that is rather low.

Ethyl acetate is found in many fruits and so when it is used as the solvent, the decaf coffee bean produced is generally thought to have been obtained through a natural process though it must be said that the solvent hardly ever comes into contact with the coffee beans and instead interacts with the solution of water that contains caffeine that in turn was extracted from the original and non-decaf coffee bean.

The principles used to obtain the decaf coffee bean are based on equilibrium as well as on the properties of solvent and solute. The truth of the fact is that the decaf coffee bean is obtained not be removal of entire caffeine from the bean; rather the coffee bean's chemical make-up is altered and so the aroma and the flavor are also changed.

There are several good varieties of the decaf coffee bean being offered for sale in the market including the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee Decaf that is available in packs of five pounds and in addition there is also the Decaf Quartet that is a four pack that contains different flavors obtained from the decaf coffee bean.

Other good options include Irish Crème Coffee (also available in five pound packs) and the Madagascar Vanilla Caramel Coffee decaf that is available in one pound packs. Of course, an alternative to drinking coffee obtained from the decaf coffee bean is to opt instead for organic coffee. Though this option is more expensive it is nevertheless catching on in the hearts and minds of most coffee drinkers that want to drink their coffee in a natural and pure form.