The Whole World Loves A Cup Of Coffee

Coffee is, without doubt, the most popular beverage in the world today. In fact it is the second most frequently traded physical product after petroleum. The reason that coffee is so popular is that it acts as a stimulant. Millions of people like to drink the beverage first thing in the morning to help them wake up and face the day. It is also used to increase energy levels so that it is possible to get more work done, and to refresh the body after consuming a heavy meal.

Where It Comes From

Coffee is made by roasting the beans, which come from the berries of a small evergreen bush of the genus coffea. These bushes are grown in Africa, Asia and South America. The berries are picked when they are fully ripe. They are then processed and dried, after which they can be roasted. Coffee beans can be processed and roasted in numerous ways in order to produce different flavors.

Coffee can also be brewed in different ways and the type you like depends on your own personal taste. For example, espresso coffee is made by pressure brewing the ground up beans. This method of brewing was developed in Milan during the early part of the twentieth century. The beverage produced is thicker and stronger than coffee brewed via other methods. Some people like to drink espresso because it is extra stimulating, while others find the bitter flavor excessively strong.

A Brief History

According to history the first cup of coffee was consumed in the mountains of Ethiopia at some point during the ninth century when goat shepherds noticed their flocks seemed to have more pep and vigor after chewing on the bush. From there the trend for drinking coffee spread to Egypt and the Yemen. By the fifteen century the beverage was consumed all over the Muslim world. Its use then spread to Italy via the port of Venice, though at first the beverage was dismissed as the 'drink of Muslims.'

Once the Italians accepted coffee and began to drink it regularly, the practice soon spread throughout the rest of Europe and then to the Americas and Indonesia. Here in the twenty first century almost every adult across the world drinks coffee every day and there are numerous different flavors and methods of brewing it. Some people like to drink a mug of instant coffee while others prefer an American style brew or a cup of espresso. In some countries of Eastern Europe and the Middle East people brew their coffee with the sediment left in the bottom of the pan. You can drink the beverage with or without milk and sugar. How you brew and drink your coffee depends on your individual preference.