According to Your Lifestyle: Coffee Machines

Although individuals can go to almost any fast food store, restaurant or specialty coffee shop to get a cup of coffee, coffee enthusiasts will also often want to get a great cup of coffee in the comfort of their own homes. This will require that they find a coffee machine that fits their particular tastes as well as their lifestyle. There are some coffee machines that are made to fit the 'on-the-go' individuals, being very quick and easy to use, while others will brew specialty coffees, such as Italian coffee machines, which will require more effort on the part of the individuals who use them.

Types of Machines

There are some coffee machines that will brew one cup at a time for individuals who either live alone, or who enjoy a different brand or type of coffee than their counterpart in the household. This allows individuals to choose the types of coffee that they want to make each day, with individual servings that are usually pre-packed and ready to go, only needing to be placed in the coffee maker for a cup of coffee within a minute. There are other individual coffee machines that require the individual to load the ground coffee beans into a filter and pour the water into it to brew the coffee, still only brewing one to four cups of coffee.

Other coffee machines are more complex and are designed to brew coffee for more than one person at a time. Most coffee machines use the filter or drip system of coffee making in which the hot water is poured through the coffee beans and then into the coffee pot after the beans are filtered out of it. There are also some coffee machines that are called a French Press coffee machine in which the lid has a filter in it which is pressed to the bottom of the cafetiere to keep the grounds out of the coffee when it is poured into the cups.

There are also more specialized coffee machines such as the expresso machine, which has to maintain a certain pressure and temperature to make the expresso. The pressure has to be at about eight bar and the temperature should be at about eighty five degrees Celsius. These machines are usually also used to make cappuccino and latte coffees, having a frother attached to it for the milk to heat it and make the foam required for these other types of specialty coffees.