Basic Facts About A Coffee Grinder

In case you happen to be a regular coffee drinker then you will know how important a coffee grinder can be since it will grind your beans and get them ready for further brewing. The best thing is that grinder will provide you with fresh as well as aromatic flavors and you can choose between grinding to a fine grain and leaving them coarse. That is why the grinder has become so popular these days and it is also quite far removed from its predecessor, the old fashioned and now antique mortar and pestle.

Two Varieties

Actually, the coffee grinder comes in two varieties with one being the manual type while the other is the automatic version. The former type uses cranks which are removed before grinding while the latter type use electric power to do the grinding. In addition to these variants, a coffee grinder can also come with a blade or it could be a burr grinder and it is these parts that are involved in the grinding of the coffee.

The grinder that comes with blades uses metal blades that rotate and which chop the coffee beans and the user can decide how fine or coarse the beans should be ground to. Such a kind of coffee grinder is generally ideal for use in homes because they are simple as well as very affordable and they don't require much by way of maintenance either.

However, a blade coffee grinder cannot produce very evenly ground coffee and this results in poor quality of brew. In addition, this kind of coffee grinder also produces dust which can clog the sieves of an espresso machine. Nevertheless, companies such as Braun (Braun Aromatic KS2-B coffee grinder) and Krups (Fast Touch Grinder) are pretty good and well worth checking out.

The other kind of grinder or the burr coffee grinder is more versatile and can be adjusted to determine which granule size is most desirable. It can crush the beans and gives a more consistent kind of grind. This kind of coffee grinder is generally used in coffee shops and its even grind makes it more suitable for making espresso coffee as well as French press and it gives a consistent taste as well.

It is necessary to understand the working of a coffee bean grinder because only then you will be able to know how to choose the right kind of coffee grinder for your needs. Whether you plan to use the grinder for home use or for commercial use you must know the types and functioning of different grinders so that you get the best out of your coffee grinder.