A Specialty Coffee: Cappuccino Coffee Machine

Although many individuals are content to use an automatic coffee maker in their homes, which often has a timer so that it brews the coffee right before the individual awakens, there are some individuals who like to also be able to brew more specialty coffees such as espressos and cappuccinos. In order to do this, there is a need for a cappuccino coffee machine, which has all of the attachments needed to brew this specialized cup of coffee.

Espresso and Cappuccino

Although not all espresso machines have cappuccino making attachments to them, many of them do so that individuals have the option to make an espresso, cappuccino or a latte in the comfort of their own homes. These cappuccino coffee machines have to have stricter specifications for making the coffee, since it is more intense and condensed than regular coffee. These machines require the use of special coffee beans which are very rich, usually called Arabica or Robusta, so that the richer coffee can be obtained from them.

These cappuccino coffee machines have to be able to heat the water to the correct temperature, which is hotter than a regular coffee machine. The temperature has to be at between eighty-five to ninety degrees Celsius in order to make a proper cup of cappuccino. In addition, the hot water has to be forced through the coffee grounds rather than being percolated through them or dripped through them, which gives is that strong, rich taste which is darker than regular coffee.

After the espresso part of the coffee has been made, then the attachments are used on the cappuccino coffee machine with the milk or cream. Cappuccinos are made with steamed milk where the milk is frothed with the steam. This steamed milk is added to the espresso and then topped with the frothed part so that it has that light, puffy topping on it. Often there is also a sprinkle of chocolate powder or cinnamon that is added to the frothed part of it to complete the look of the drink. The latte can also be made with a cappuccino coffee machine since with the latte, the mild is not frothed; it is only steamed and added to the espresso. The result of this coffee is that the milk and coffee often swirl together, rather than being totally mixed together as is common in the cappuccino. Either of these drinks can be taken at any point during the day or night, and the latte is also at times served cold, with cold milk instead of steamed.