Make Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Your Baby!

This holiday season is about more than only celebrating Christmas. It is also about celebrating the arrival of your new baby. To honor this special event, you want to decorate your Christmas tree in a "welcome new baby theme." Thus, you should consider personalized Christmas ornaments for this very reason!

You do Not Have to be Creative to Make Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Many people shy away from the idea of making personalized Christmas ornaments, because they think that their lack of creativity will make the ornaments look ridiculous. Well, to even think that way is ridiculous, because everyone has creativity in them!

Thus, the first think that you should consider making is a photo personalized Christmas ornament. When the baby was first born, no doubt many pictures were taken. Select one of the pictures that you think looks the best, and have it cropped (if it is not already) to wallet size.

Next, take a clear plastic casing (like the kind that is available for photo magnets) and, using a small brush, lightly brush clear glue over the plastic part. Next, take some light glitter and sprinkle it over the plastic. Place the baby's picture inside, and the result is a lovely personalized Christmas ornament.

Another idea that you can use with photos to create a personalized Christmas ornament to honor the birth of your baby is to take several photos that you especially like and arrange them in a collage. However, before you do this, you need some thick cardboard. Take the cardboard and fold it in half. With a marker, trace the outline of a star. Take a pair of scissors and cut out the star outline, and the result should be two stars that are identical in size and shape.

Next, take some wider pieces of the cardboard, and, from the inside out, join the two stars together (this can be done with masking tape) so create a personalized Christmas ornament for the top of the Christmas tree. Arrange the pictures throughout the star, and the result is a wonderful personalized Christmas ornament.

For more information on personalized Christmas ornaments that you can make, be sure to go to your local bookstore. There are many craft books available that can be of help. Of course, you can also go to a craft store to get these kinds of books as well. You are sure to find the right personalized Christmas ornament ideas with the proper research.