A Few Facts Related To The Christmas Tree

Every time December comes around you know it is time to make your preparations to decorate for Christmas and obviously the first thing that would cross your mind would be to pick a decent Christmas tree. It is a time of the year when the whole family can get together and make plans to decorate for Christmas that would mean having both the inside as well as the outside of the home decorated.

Engage The Entire Family

Choosing the right Christmas tree can engage the entire family and that is why it may be well worth your time making a family tradition of the exercise for it will be something that each member would look forward to when December arrives. Sometimes, even choosing an artificial Christmas tree may be preferable to the real thing as you can store it away for the next season and though it may not be as much fun as a real Christmas tree, it is still an option worth considering.

For those that will not settle for anything other than a real Christmas tree, there are many choices that will confront them though the usual choice is to have an evergreen coniferous tree that can be placed within the home or kept outside and which can then is decorated with lovely Christmas lights and many ornaments of various colors. It is also usual to have an angel or a star at the very top of the Christmas tree which will represent the angels or the Star of Bethlehem.

The earliest Christmas trees could be ascribed to the Germanic tribes who used Patron trees which were especially significant to them and tales of which have been recounted from their ancient times being considered symbols that were sacred. And, according to legends from the medieval times, there was some who thought that the Christmas tree miraculously flowered during that time of the year and this tradition is still followed in present time as a Glastonbury thorn branch is sent each year to the Christmas table of the Queen of England.

However, there is no evidence to show that modern traditions are directly related to the pagan ones though there is certain evidence to show that this custom can be traced to the sixteenth century Germany in which it was stated that small Christmas trees made from firs were decorated with all kinds of things including nuts, apples, pretzels and dates and even paper flowers. And, in the United States, there are a number of cities that are claiming to have laid the first Christmas tree in that country among which is Windsor Locks in Connecticut.