Christmas Songs: So Much To Choose From

One good thing about Christmas songs is that there are many different ones that you can choose from that seem to grow year after year and which are mostly very evocative of snow and sleigh rides as well as going round and round the Christmas trees that are always covered in snow. There is something very appealing about Christmas songs that sing about sleigh bells and the snow and the proverbial white Christmas is sure to evoke very great memories of snow covered streets and hillsides that will live in your memory forever.

Home Coming Themes

Another theme that is found in many Christmas songs and more particularly those that emanated from the sixties, through to the eighties and on to the nineties and even the current crop is that there is a constant desire that emphasizes on the theme of coming home which seems very appropriate even today as the US forces battle the insurgents in Iraq. And, when you hear Perry Como or Bing Cosby crooning their special Christmas songs, you will certainly feel even more nostalgic.

Another great song that you may want to add to (if you don't already have it) to your collection of Christmas songs is the one sung by the Chipmunks and more particularly the one called "All I Want for Christmas" as well as "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". In addition, there is a lot of evolution going on when it comes to Christmas songs and from the early classics such as "O Holy Night" to "Little Drummer Boy" there are many evocations of Christmas that have always brought out the best of Christmas spirit and which have continuously kept us enthralled.

Another thing you can be sure of and that is that most Christmas songs bring back a sense of bonding, and being able to meet challenges as well as having ones spirits lifted and even John Lennon was moved enough to create his own special called "And so this is Christmas and what have you done?" and some of his lyrics certainly brought into play words such as 'war' and 'fight' that showed a touch of politics entering into the Christmas songs of the late twentieth century.

Christmas songs have even moved artists of diverse natures and backgrounds to come together to sing for their audiences and a good example would be Bing Cosby joining up with David Bowie to render "the Little Drummer Boy" and in a slightly different vein, even Elvis's "Blue Christmas" was a real masterpiece which everyone loved. Though there are many modern renditions of the Christmas songs, it still is hard for them to beat the old time classics that were not only very beautiful to hear, but also had very sweet sounds that simply made them hard to forget leave alone are bettered.