What the Phrase "Christmas Shoes" Really Means

If you love learning about Christmas traditions, then perhaps you have heard of the phrase "Christmas shoes." Perhaps it is a phrase that you heard your parents or grandparents mention. It is becoming a bit of an outdated phrase in some places, but a recent television movie and song rejuvenated the idea of what the phrase "Christmas shoes" really means.

Christmas Shoes: There Are Both Literal and Symbolic Meanings

First of all, Christmas shoes most often refer to the term used by people who got new shoes specifically for the Christmas season - most notably the church service. For example, in the earlier part of the twentieth century, children would proudly display their new patent leather Christmas shoes that they were going to wear for the Christmas church service.

Nowadays, Christmas shoes have taken on a broader term. For example, many people like to attend Christmas parties, and as such, women often need to find the right shoes to match their attire. Also, for people who really get into the holiday spirit, there are themed shoes that people can wear.

However, while there is the literal meaning of Christmas shoes, there is also the more symbolic meaning. During the last few years, there has been a television movie shown during the Christmas season, as well as a popular song, about Christmas shoes as a symbolic gesture of love.

The song and the story are similar, in that both are about a poor boy whose mother is dying of cancer. In the song, the boy and his mother do not have enough money in order to have a "real" Christmas. In order to make ends meet the boy goes to work as a shoe shiner. As his mother lay on her death bed, the boy uses the money he has earned to purchase a new pair of Christmas shoes for his mother, so his mother will look beautiful "When Mama meets Jesus tonight.

Indeed, both the television movie and the song are touching reminders of what Christmas is really about - love. Unfortunately, many people take Christmas for granted, and they look forward to the more materialistic things that are associated with the holiday.

Really though, things like the song and movie about Christmas shoes remind everyone to never take life for granted, and to enjoy the company of family and friends during this wonderful season. Thus, the next time that you hear the phrase "Christmas shoes" remember the important meanings.