Christmas Photo Cards May Be Something To Brag About

One method families have found to stay in touch with other family members and friends is to send greeting cards. Instead of including pictures in with the cards they can have Christmas photo cards made using pictures of the kids or the entire family. It is a great way to let people, especially those you don't see very often, see how the family has grown since the previous Christmas.

Grandparents especially enjoy receiving Christmas photo cards as they can show them around to their friends and brag about how cute and grown up the grandchildren have become in only one year. Numerous companies have Christmas photo cards available as a choice when you have a family picture taken for the holidays and most can be mailed like a postcard, for less postage. However, if you want to be sure the subjects can be recognized when it is delivered, buy a card with an envelope and protect it during mailing.

There are many pieces of computer software with which you can make your oen Christmas photo cards and they can print on your printer at home using photographic paper. Reading the directions will also offer tips on how to print on both sides of the card so it can, if you must, mail it as a postcard.

Make Positive Identification A Certainty

There may be times when Christmas photo cards are sent to family members that you may seldom see. Be sure to write the names of everyone in the picture somewhere on the card. When a relative receives a card in the mail with no identification they can spend days trying to figure out the little kids in the picture belong to. Always include a return address in case the recipient has moved and left no forwarding address. Not that you necessarily want the card back buy so you know to start looking for a new address.

If you decide to design your own Christmas photo cards are not happy with the quality of your home printer there are stores that have the equipment that will print your Christmas photo cards from digital media. Additionally, many offer the service where you can upload the files from home and have them printed at a local store. At the appointed time all you have to do is go to the store and pick up the finished cards. You will pay online so there is no need to pay at the store, avoiding potentially long lines at the checkout.