Not All Christmas Fabric Comes In Red And Green

Every piece of cloth in red or green does not automatically qualify as Christmas fabric, although many can be used in material designs for clothing and decorating. Nearly every shade of color can be used as Christmas fabric depending on how it is used and it what capacity. Quilted material in multiple colors can be used as a tree skirt under a tree to qualify for the designation.

Christmas fabric is available in a variety of colors and designs, encompassing all aspect of the holiday season. From character patterns to religious the style of fabrics are as diverse as the meaning of the holiday for various people. Its use is also not limited by anything other than the imagination of the people who buy it. Christmas fabric with the image of a snowman can be bought and turned into a fluffy pillow or sewn into a season blanket or throw blanket to use on sold winter nights.

A solid color or one with a holiday image can be placed around the Christmas tree and topped with a thinner Christmas fabric to create a unique display under the tree or to provide a cushion on which presents can be placed.

Patterns Available For Unique Presents

Just as the choice of Christmas fabric is diverse, so are the patterns with which the material can be turned into holiday apparel for person use or for use as gifts. Many people prefer to make their own holiday gifts and those with the talent can use Christmas fabric to create shirts, sweatshirts, dresses and other apparel to give to friends an family, Wearing apparel made by a family member can often be a better gift than one they could buy.

Another fun use for Christmas fabric is using it to make clothes for a young girl's dolls. Many patterns are available in sizes to fit most all brands and sizes of dolls and the little ones will surely be pleased to have an outfit or two for their favorite doll made out of Christmas fabric. For the eccentric pet lover on your list you might consider making a coat or sweater for the dog or cat.

Whatever you choose to make out of the Christmas fabric make sure you talk with the sales associate for proper washing and care instructions. If care for properly and stored in fabric-friendly containers the items made by hand with Christmas fabric can last for many generations.