Christmas Candles Often Sparks Holiday Memories

There is always something that seems festive when you use Christmas candles, and not just the red and greens ones. Although many red candles are scented with cinnamon and the green ones usually smell like pine to fit into the holiday spirit. There also many different Christmas candles that may be saved from year to year, depending on their shape and regardless of their aroma.

White Christmas candles are often in the shape of snowmen and most people refrain from putting a match to its wick. Different qualities of candles are available, some with exceptional detail from the black top hat to the red scarf. Even the carrot nose is often defined on some of the better Christmas candles. Additionally, no one would be so mean as to light the wick of a candle shaped like Santa Claus, as they may believe it will make them appear naughty and unworthy of any presents under the tree.

Typically, just about any shape that can be related to the holiday as well as aromas that often bring about memories of Christmas past can be found in Christmas candles. Trains, for some reason often spark immediate memories of ones chugging around the tree and candles in the shape of trains in all sizes are available to set up around the large candle shaped like a pine tree.

Storing Christmas Candles Can Be A Problem

At the end of the season many people simply pack up their Christmas candles along with the rest of the holiday decorations and put them storage for the year. Unfortunately, many people store their holiday materials in an attic where summer temperatures can be very high. Candles left in the attic may return the following year as an unidentifiable mass of wax that only remnants of color and a good memory can identify.

If you plan to save your Christmas candles from year to year, they are best placed in a cool dry place to prevent melting. Keeping them in a refrigerator is probably the best means of storing them, but impractical due to the space they may take up. Finding a place in the basement may be the best option where it is usually cool all year long. Alternately, they could actually be used during the holiday season and replaced every year.

Whether you choose tea light Christmas candles or pillar candles in a variety of size, be sure to verify the candle's scent before you get it home. While most red Christmas candles will smell like cinnamon, there may be some less expensive candles that smell entirely different.