Naturally Lower Cholesterol with Some Additional Nutritional Supplements

One often rightly thinks of cholesterol as a thick waxy fat-like substance that is contained in many of the foods one eats. Even though one may also fear the term cholesterol, it is still something the body needs for many different purposes such as manufacturing and maintaining strong cell walls as well as being critical for hormone and vitamin D production. In fact, the liver produces eighty percent of cholesterol and the remaining twenty percent is consumed through the food we eat. Simply making a dietary change will thus not have as big an impact and it may thus be necessary for some additional nutritional supplements to be taken to naturally lower cholesterol. The first step in this direction is to change the diet and the low carbohydrate Atkins Diet, the balance Zone Diet and Low Fat Pritikin Diet have all demonstrated that they can help to lower cholesterol levels.

Dietary Changes May Not Have a Big Impact

Achieving naturally lower cholesterol will also necessitate reducing sugar and white flour consumption as well as eliminating fried foods while increasing the consumption of whole fruits and vegetables. To naturally lower cholesterol, one may also need to eat fish twice or thrice a week and remember to bake the fish instead of frying it. One should also remember to use healthy oils such as olive oil and walnut oil which help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and eating whole grain products as well eliminating starchy white pasta or bread will also help to naturally lower cholesterol. And, eating oats and oat meals will also help reduce cholesterol as too will soluble fiber.

To obtain naturally lower cholesterol levels, it is also important to increase the intake of green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, lettuce as well as green beans, all of which are good and healthy low-carb foods that also are low in calories. These dietary intakes can be consumed in any quantity and eating whole fruits and berries are also beneficial in helping to naturally lower cholesterol. Of course, eating rich and fattening desserts are a no-no.

In addition, there are also several nutritional supplements that help to naturally lower cholesterol, and these include Niacin, Octacosanol, Chromium-GTF, guggul, Omega 3 oil, and garlic. It is important to note that when taking such supplements to naturally lower cholesterol, one must follow the instructions on the labels on the bottles or even consult a health care provider to ensure that the right quantities are taken to reduce cholesterol.