A Natural Source to Reduce Cholesterol is a Better Option than Medications and Other Drugs

It may be much safer to try out a natural source to reduce cholesterol than prescription medicine or other cholesterol reducing drugs that are referred to as statins. Most of these drugs may be of some help, but there is always the lurking danger of serious side effects that can cause problems with the liver as well as other severe and often life-threatening breakdowns of muscles. This has made people curious to know about better and more natural sources to reduce cholesterol, and changing habits is a good positive step in that direction.

Increasing Popularity and More Effective Results

The popularity of natural source to reduce cholesterol is growing, and with negative publicity being given to prescription medications, it is easy to understand the reason why. In addition, many nutrients contained in such natural sources have been found to be more effective when it comes to controlling cholesterol and are better than medications used for the same purpose. The better known natural sources to reduce cholesterol include policosanol, guggulipid extract, green tea extract, and beta sitosterol. Policosanol is a pure extract of sugar cane wax that has been widely tried and is considered as a promising means to reduce cholesterol. Guggulipid extract comes from an ancient herb found in India and has been used for thousands of years, and has been found, under clinical trials, to be an effective natural source to reduce cholesterol.

Another natural source to reduce cholesterol is green tea extract which is supposed to have many health benefits that help to lower LDL cholesterol as well as triglycende levels and increase HDL or good cholesterol. Beta sitosterol is found naturally in soybeans, wheat germs as well as corn oil, and the plant's compound structure is much like that of cholesterol, which makes it helpful in stopping absorption of cholesterol in the body. To get best results from a natural source to reduce cholesterol, it is important that one reduces the production of cholesterol in the body as well as absorption of cholesterol in the gut, reduces the circulating blood fats as well as dissolve cholesterol particles, prevents cholesterol in arteries, increase the excretions of cholesterol bearing bile acid and lessen the oxidation of cholesterol.

With advances in science and technology, new and natural sources to reduce cholesterol are being formulated that address the above as well as also help to reduce triglycerides and includes synergistic ingredients that have undergone extensive clinical trials to help to make each such product more successful.