Low Cholesterol Low Fat Diet Are Readily Available and There's Plenty to Choose From

It is not difficult to follow a low cholesterol diet especially as there are numerous varieties of foods available. There are many manufacturers that have low cholesterol low fat diets available for anyone that does not have the time to fix an elaborate meal. Before purchasing such food items it is recommended to look at the labels as well as remember to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, try to lower intake of saturated fats, use partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, consume whole grain foods, and cook with lean meats. No matter what the reason behind high blood cholesterol is it diet or heredity or both, the first thing a doctor would prescribe to treat the problem would be a low cholesterol low fat diet. Changing to a low cholesterol low fat diet will benefit the person by improving his or her good cholesterol (HDL) as well as bad cholesterol or LDL, especially when the amount of saturated fat consumed is low and monosaturated fats are high.

Helps Improve Bad and Good Cholesterol Levels

There are many recipes available that help in dishing up low cholesterol low fat diet meals, and the amounts of fat, saturated fat as well as cholesterol and sodium are based on the rules made by the Food and Drug Administration. A first goal for persons with high cholesterol levels would be to reduce the amount of fats to about thirty percent of the calories, and for saturated fats to ten percent. A good low cholesterol low fat diet recipe should have less than fifteen grams of fat per serving. With long term reduction of fat, calories as well as cholesterol, one can live longer as well as live better, and if there are to be fatter, these should be healthy fats such as monosaturated fats and Omega 3 fats. Today's food products have much better and tastier low cholesterol low fat diet offerings that help to reduce fat as well as calories.

A good starting point in the quest for the best of low cholesterol low fat diets is to consume fat-free milk, low-fat cheese, low-fat chips, low fat mayonnaise, fat-free cooking spray, Healthy Choice reduced fat ice cream, fat-free puddings, fat-free cocoa, low-fat cookies and Kellogg's low-fat granola. Diets with the proper amount of fats will help in being easily digested as well as metabolized and will take care of high cholesterol while also saving on expensive medications. Some recommended low cholesterol low fat diet items include fruits, vegetables, fish and shellfish, cereals, rice, pasta, nuts and seeds as also vegetable oils instead of butter.