Lifestream Cholesterol Monitors: Testing Cholesterol Levels from the Home

It is possible to monitor cholesterol levels in the comfort of your home which is also effective in motivating the patient to adhere to doctor prescribed cholesterol reducing programs. It is not meant to act as a replacement for one's physician, but acts in a way to enhance it, and home cholesterol monitors are a means to monitor progress over time and one can aim to reduce one's cholesterol levels. Lifestream Cholesterol monitors are effective for consumers to use a fast, easy as well as accurate method to monitor cholesterol levels without needing to leave their homes. It is ideally suited for testing cholesterol levels in between doctor's visits and the Lifestream Cholesterol Monitor can provide as many as two hundred test results to be downloaded onto the Data Concern Personal Health smart card, which comes along with the system.

Fast, Easy As Well As Accurate

With Lifestream Cholesterol Monitor, the user can securely store test results, average those results as well as share them with healthcare professionals. Lifestream Technologies, which makes the Lifestream Cholesterol Monitor, is the leading manufacturer of smart card-enabled healthcare diagnostic apparatuses. The Lifestream Cholesterol Monitor is the first product that utilizes "next generation" technology and it has recently been cleared by the FDA for use by healthcare professionals. The advantage of the Lifestream Cholesterol Monitor is that the user can measure his or her cholesterol as well as have a personal secure "access key" to control their personal records over the Internet and thus helps regulate who gets access to the personal records, which may be limited to their doctor or pharmacist. In addition, the user can also control what information those people are able to retrieve.

The Lifestream Cholesterol Monitor is a hand-held apparatus that tests total cholesterol without incurring high costs and, at the same time, provides laboratory accuracy within three minutes with the help of just one single drop of blood. With seamless integration of technology, data can be downloaded from the testing device to a Smart Card and be transferred over the Internet to a closed and secure web site using proprietary software.

In a matter of few minutes, physicians as well as pharmacists can gain access to the patient's cholesterol data as well as risk profiles for heart disease, and also create a "personal Health Evaluation Program" for each patient. The Lifestream Cholesterol Monitor is far superior to earlier methods that required the patient fasting, having blood drawn and then waiting days to get their results.