Be In Control of Your Health with Home Cholesterol Test

We all have been warned by our doctors to watch our cholesterol levels in order to ensure good health but, many of us discard the idea that you could be posing a risk because you show no signs or you feel you are too young to be thinking about such disorders. The fact is that high cholesterol levels don't have anything to do with age and many times fit and slim persons have high levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a substance that is created by our bodies and also found in many food products that we eat; it is essential for our body because it contributes to producing several types of hormones, cell membrane and tissues. Low-Density Lipoprotein LDL, which is also known as the bad cholesterol is a waxy like substance that is present in the blood stream in our arteries and large amounts will clog them promoting a fatal disorder such as, heart attack.

The Importance of Checking Your Cholesterol

It is extremely important you know what your cholesterol levels are and what they should be depending on your present state of health; this information can only be provided by your doctor after a thorough check up. Once you know your ideal cholesterol levels you need to work towards maintaining them and the only way to do so is to check them regularly especially if you have any heart related disorders or are over weight.

Unfortunately the hectic lifestyles we lead today makes it almost impossible to get to the doctor's office every time you fear your cholesterol levels are high because you ate something that is high in cholesterol; good news is that you can still be in control of your cholesterol with a home cholesterol test, which you can take when and as you like in the comfort of your home.

Are Home Cholesterol Tests Reliable

Yes, home cholesterol tests are reliable, as they have been tested by physicians and proved by FDA to ensure that they are as precise as a lab. There are many types of home cholesterol tests available such as, CholesTrack2, which provides you with results in approximately 12 minutes and gives you the total cholesterol level in your blood or the Instant Cholesterol Test, which provides you with results in 15 minutes and in case you have further questions about the test it also has a toll free line available where you can speak with professionals.

Home cholesterol tests are extremely convenient and a must for those of us who want to keep healthy and be in change of our cholesterol levels as well as for those who are suffering from heart disease and need constant monitoring. Home cholesterol tests are great for elderly people as well who cannot always get to the doctor's office when they fear the cholesterol levels are high but at the same time need to be sure that it is under control and their heart is out of danger.