Finding the Truth in the Cholesterol Myths

Ever since cholesterol has become a popular buzzword in the medical community, much information has been dispensed to the general public about the risks involved with this substance. But which are facts, and which are fiction? The answer to this question lies in the unraveling and understanding of the cholesterol myths that are circulating today. By gaining accurate information about how cholesterol affects your overall health, you will be better equipped to make the best lifestyle choices for your individual needs.

Cholesterol Myth #1: I am not the High Cholesterol Type

Many people believe that they do not need to bother with getting their cholesterol count checked regularly because they are too young, they exercise regularly, or they are not overweight. While these factors do raise the chances of having a higher count, these assumptions can make for a potentially dangerous cholesterol myth. First, everyone should begin having cholesterol screenings once they hit the ripe old age of 20. This is because an early start into keeping your cholesterol in check will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle from the get-go.

It is also unwise to assume that your cholesterol is not high simply because of your weight or exercise habits. While maintaining a healthy weight and exercising daily are extremely important in keeping your numbers in check, there are other factors that can affect your cholesterol level. For example, your diet, sex and family history can also play a role in what your levels are. Because of this, it is important to get regular cholesterol screenings - while sticking with those healthy habits, of course!

Cholesterol Myth #2: I can lower my Cholesterol by Avoiding Meats and Dairy

While meats and dairy products made from whole milk do tend to be higher in fat, simply eliminating one or two types of foods from your diet does not make for a healthy menu. To lower your cholesterol, you need to be aware of which foods are high in saturated fats, and avoiding those choices first and foremost. These foods should be replaced with health foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grain products. Low fat meat and dairy are also an acceptable part of a health diet. And make sure that you combine your good eating habits with daily exercise for maximum benefits.

If you are interested in achieving optimal health, you need to go beyond the cholesterol myths and learn the facts about how a healthy lifestyle can keep your cholesterol count in check. If you are confused about how cholesterol affects your health, your doctor is the best person to clear up any of the cholesterol myths that you might be concerned about.