Stihl Chain Saw Part Features That Are Unique

Stihl Manufacturing Company specializes in the production of several handheld power tools that are designed primarily for outdoor use. One of these convenient power tools that make the cutting of wood products an easy process is the chainsaw. Stihl Incorporated began this production of chainsaws in 1974.

A chainsaw is a handheld power tool that is motorized by a two-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine. Because this is a two-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine the fuel requirements are a mixture of gasoline and oil in the proper ratio. The basic Stihl chain saw parts that comprise the chainsaw are the frame that houses the motor, support bar as well as the cutting chain itself.

The cutting chain is similar to a chain as seen on a bicycle but with a few variations. Combined with the chain, found on the chainsaw, are sharp blades called teeth. In addition, the lower segment of each link of the chain is constructed with a small metal centering finger. This Stihl chain saw part maintains the centering of the chain between the tracks of the bar. When the engine is powered up the chain is driven around this track at a high rate of speed which in turn provides the cutting action.

There are many distinct Stihl chain saw part features that are unique to the Stihl chain saw. Three of these Stihl chain saw parts are the master control lever, easily removed filter cover and the piston rings.

Master Control Lever

One of the unique features of the Stihl chainsaw is the ease of accessibility of the main controls. These Stihl chain saw parts are comprised of the power switch, the choke and the throttle. Each of these three critical controls is important to the motor's operation of the chainsaw. The design of the chainsaw is as such that the three switches can be controlled and operated conveniently with one hand. In addition these Stihl chain saw parts are in proximity to where the hands are placed to effectively operate the machine. Therefore, the hands do not need to be repositioned in order to operate the three Stihl chain saw parts.

Easily Removed Filter Cover

A Stihl chain saw part that aids in easily maintaining the chainsaw is the ease in which the air filter, spark plug and winter air heater are accessed. Most chainsaws require the use of a screwdriver to unfasten the cover to gain access to the use chainsaw parts.

However, the Stihl chain saw simply requires the twisting of the cover to gain access so that the proper maintenance can be performed on these three particular parts of the chainsaw. Easier accessibility to these parts allows required upkeep to be performed regularly with minimal effort on the part of the operator and owner.

Piston Rings

The majority of the manufactured chainsaws by Stihl are equipped with two piston rings. These Stihl chain saw parts offer two advantages. The first advantage is that the two piston rings provide optimum operation of the chainsaw. This is accomplished because the motor performs at a higher and more powerful speed which results in less wear and tear on the engine.

In addition this particular Stihl chain saw part allows the engine to perform at a lower running temperature. The design of the two stroke engine is as such that the piston produces the most heat within the combustible engine. It stands to reason that the more this heat can be shifted from the piston and reduced by fans that cool the process, the less damage will be done to the engine. The resulting effect of reducing the heat is an engine that will serve its owner longer.