Poulan Chain Saw: Available In Big To Small Sizes

There are a number of Poulan chain saws available and these are fine chain saws that include heavy duty chain saws that are suited for tackling bigger jobs. One such Poulan chain saw is the Poulan Pro Chain Saw having a twenty inch bar and 46cc engine. This is a heavy duty chain saw that also has a 2.8 Duranchrome extended life engine with an air filter system and a dual counterweight crankshaft along with a twenty inch long bar and a gear driven automatic chain oiler. Its fast adjusting chain tensioning system and anti-vibration handle are other features that make it a chain saw worth purchasing.

There are certain features, however, that the Poulan chain saw lacks and these include the steel attachment that covers the nose of the bar and is a bar-tip guard necessary for limiting the cutting area where most kickbacks are generated. Also, some models of the Poulan chain saws do not have a cover or sheath which is used to cover the entire saw or just the guide bar and chain and therefore there is no protection to the user from the sharp cutting teeth when the saw gets transported is being stored.

The Poulan Wild Thing Chain Saw

Another Poulan chain saw is the Poulan Wild Thing Chain Saw having an eighteen inch bar and 40cc engine that can be used to tame the toughest of chores and its SuperClean engine performance system allows for longer air-filter life and it is also not a fuel guzzler while at the same time, provides much more power. Its gear-driven automatic chain oiler as well as wide handle spacing provides more control and it is fully assembled.

For those who are interested in a gas chain saw, the Poulan P3314 14 inch Chain Saw 2.0 33CC 2 Cylinder would provide improved performance. It also has an improved pulley starting system and its chain brake is newer and much improved and is most sensitive to sudden movements and also has less kickback, which is very important for safety. It is available at a number of outlets and retails for about a hundred dollars. As with other makes, there is a wide variety of models that are available for a Poulan chain saw with different engine and saw sizes and one can test out which works best for individual needs and which affords the user best performance.