The Dependable Pioneer Chain Saw

When looking for the right chain saw brand, several factors come into consideration. These factors include the availability of the brand, its overall reputation, and of course whether or not the chain saw has any safety hazards that should be addressed. Thus, many people choose a Pioneer chain saw as a brand that encompasses these factors.

Most makes of Pioneer chain saws are powered by gas, which allows for the more efficient cutting of logs and trees. It is important to note that Pioneer chain saws that are gas powered will be larger than electric chain saws, so these kinds of chain saws are strictly for work that has to be done outside.

The Pioneer Chain Saw as a Part of History

Pioneer chain saws have been in use since the early part of the 20th century, and one can still find vintage ads for these chain saws. In these ads, which are generally from the 1940s and 1950s, the focus is placed on several words describing the Pioneer chain saw: safety, ruggedness, simplicity, and speed.

Ads for the Pioneer chain saw emphasized the ruggedness of this saw, mentioning that such a saw was strong enough for any hard work that needed to be done in the woods or at a farm. The implication was also that this saw would save money because of its durable abilities.

When it came to the promotion of safety, these ads mentioned that extra safety measures were implicated into the design of this chain saw. These ads implied that such a chain saw could be used by a family man as well as professional chain saw cutters.

These ads also promoted how simple it was to use a Pioneer chain saw. The goal was to attract men who, for example, had busy jobs during the week but might have to use a chain saw to cut down a tree in their yard on a weekend. Thus, if the chain saw was simple to learn how to use, the hope was that more people would buy it.

In conjunction with the simplicity of this chain saw, ads also noted that this saw was powerful enough to cut through an 8" thick tree in a matter of seconds. Again, this was meant to appeal to those busy men who had little time to waste.

The Pioneer Chain Saw Today

These chain saws can be found at local hardware stores, farm stores, ranch stores, and online via various websites. These same places should be utilized when the chain saw needs to have a part replaces. The price of a Pioneer chain saw will vary, but they are known for being quite affordable. Indeed, when it comes to reliability and price, a Pioneer chain saw is an excellent choice.