The Importance Of The Homelite Chain Saw Part Known As The Guide Bar

The Home Electric Lighting Company was founded by an individual by the name of Charles H. Ferguson. His initial goal was the invention of a small gasoline powered generator that he could use in his home. Building on the company's success for providing quality products that could be used around the home, the company changed its name from the Home Electric Lighting Company to Homelite. A partial list of their available gardening and home care products include corded lawn trimmers, blowers, bush trimmers and chainsaws.

Homelite electric chain saws were made available to consumers in 1946. Their product, since then, has continually evolved, but has maintained that same Homelite quality.

When selecting the right electric chainsaw for your home care needs it is important to consider one specific Homelite chain saw part. That particular Homelite chain saw part is the guide bar. The guide bar comes in various lengths and the choice of this Homelite chain saw part is dependent upon the wood cutting job.

What Is The Guide Bar

This Homelite chain saw part, chain saw guide bar, is the actual guiding bar for the saw chain of a motor-driven chain saw. The cutting length is not the same as the chainsaw bar's overall length. The actual part of the chainsaw bar that is used for guiding the toothed chain is measured from the tip of the saw to the furthest part of the saw that cuts. This distance is rounded up to the nearest inch.

Choosing The Right Length

There are three basic lengths to choose from when considering this Homelite chain saw part. It is also important to remember that the proper choice of this Homelite chain saw part is dependent upon the size of the motor that is equipped in your Homelite chain saw. The standard rule of thumb is that the larger the size of the job to be done, the greater the length of the chain saw bar. In addition, the engine should be more powerful in order to drive the chain saw guide bar to safely and properly perform the needed job.

For example, this Homelite chain saw part that ranges from 12 to 14 inches, would be the ideal length to trim average size tree limbs and perform woodworking jobs around the home. The corresponding engine size needed to drive this chain saw guide bar would be around 2.0 cubic inches.

Another woodworking chore around the home is the preparing of firewood for the winter as well as cutting down average trees. To perform this work, the individual should consider a 2.3 cubic inch engine. In addition the chain saw guide bar should be longer than the circumference of the tree that you wish to cut.

Finally, for that work that can be defined as tougher jobs, a larger chainsaw engine should be utilized. This work could range from the cutting of a bigger tree to the preparing of firewood cut from larger logs. The size of engine to consider for this type of work would be a 2.7 cubic inch motor that will drive a 20 inch chain saw guide bar.