Using a Gas Chain Saw Requires the Proper Safety

Gas chain saws are a popular method of cutting trees, tree branches, and wood for things like firewood and construction projects. However, the speed and efficiency with which these gas chain saws operate can lead to dangerous results if the proper safety precautions are not taken.

The Basics

Gas chain saws are not just used to cut wood. They are also used to clean up the debris that might be left from an especially bad rain storm or hurricane. Gas chain saws are indeed powerful and useful in cleaning up debris. However, they can be so powerful that those who are not well-versed in how they work could lose control of them and cause injury.

If one is planning on using a gas chain saw to clean up debris, one should not just begin doing so by wearing regular clothing. Protective gear should be worn at all times in such situations. Suitable attire includes: gloves made of leather or cotton, protection for the face, head, and hearing through the implementation of a helmet system, protective work boots that must have steel toes, and protective pants.

The process of starting a gas chain saw is known as the "kickback," and if not done properly can easily cause injury. In order to avoid injury, one should use a low kickback chain, reduced kickback bar, and a low chain brake. One should also make sure the gas chain saw is being firmly held in both hands. Other important precautions include checking the chain brake on a regular basis, never over-reaching, and not cutting anything that is above the height of one's shoulder.

In order to properly use a gas chain saw, one must understand how a gas chain saw works. Things that one should check before using a gas chain saw include: the working safety throttle switch, the chain brake (be it inertia or manual), the spark arrester, the chain catcher, and of course the switch that turns the saw on and off.

If one is not familiar with how a gas chain saw works, it is often preferable to hire a professional who is insured and knows what he or she is doing without question. There are indeed many safety precautions that one must consider before using a gas chain saw, but to avoid injury, these precautions are certainly worth the effort that is required.