Electric Chain Saw Good For Small Jobs

There are many advantages to using a gas-powered chainsaw and still other reasons when an electric chain saw will be a better choice. Trimming small trees on which the branches may be too big to use hand-held trimmers, an electric chain saw can be used.

Typically small, 12-inch to 16-inch electric chain saws can work for trimming branches from a tree efficiently. They are ideal for homeowners for occasional use and no plans for large-scale tree cutting operations. Most manufacturers offer suggestions on the maximum branch size and how long to operate the electric chain saw without it overheating.

As with all electric-powered equipment, the use of the correct size extension cord is important to provide maximum power to the electric chain saw and reduce the risk of the cord overheating. For extension cords up to 50 feet, grounded 16-gauge wire will work. If your extension is 100 feet long, the grounded wire should be at least 14-gauge and at 150 feet, at least 12-gauge is required.

Safety Precaution Same As Gas Saws

Whether you are using a gas-powered unit or an electric chain saw, the safety precautions are the same, as either one can cause severe injury in seconds. Additionally, with an electric chain saw, there is also the risk of the extension cord getting in the way, being sliced into by the chain and increasing the risk of electrocution of the operator.

Kickback of a chainsaw occurs when the tip of the cutting blade comes in contact with the surface being cut or then the top of the chain gets pinched in the log. This causes the saw to kick back towards the operator and can happen just as quick with an electric chain saw. Some folks believe since it is an electric device it is not as powerful as a gas saw and take unnecessary chances.

An advanced gear ratio is typically used in electric chain saws to improve power. A small 12-inch chainsaw may have one and a half horsepower electric motor and some of the larger ones may go as high as 12 horsepower. Their power may be affected by the size and length of the extension cord.

Keeping the chain oiled when cutting is just as important with an electric chain saw as it is with gas. Many gas-powered chainsaws have automatic-oilers for bar oil, while many of the electric chain saws have a container for the oil, and a bulb-type pump to keep the chain properly oiled.