Echo Chain Saw: Power And Reliability

Echo chain saws are the professional's choice for power as well as reliability and all Echo chain saws are manufactured to take care of the toughest of jobs, be they pruning limbs or cutting firewood or chopping down whole trees. The design of Echo chain saws is aimed at providing long as well as trouble-free operations as well as long life and it goes with saying that its superior performance depends on high quality and the two stroke engine as well as Pro-Life ignition system ensures not only fast starts but also smoother operations. There is also comfort as well as control that is enhanced by using vibration reduction technology and the grouping of controls provides easy access to all of the functions of this chain saw. Lastly, the Echo chain saw is certified to the highest level of useful life and is thus good value for money.

The CS-330T

There are different models of the Echo chain saw and one such is the CS-330T which has high torque combined with outstanding balance as well as being a light weight product. The CS-330T has a larger engine displacement and has a two year consumer as well as a one year commercial warranty. The CS-330T has a 32.6 stoke engine with a standard fourteen inch bar and chain with a tip guard to provide safety to the user. It also has an automatic adjustable oiler as well as an inertia type chain brake and throttle lock-out and chain catcher, all of which makes this a very useful chain saw that can be purchased for just thirty-five dollars.

Of course, very often the need for using all of the power of heavy-duty Echo chain saws may not always be required but it is nice to have all these features that help in logging, felling and limbing jobs. Another and very popular Echo chain saw is the CS-440 which features a very high power-to-weight ratio. The other salient features of the CS-440 are its slope advance ignition system which can automatically sense engine speed and it will advance ignition timing to achieve optimal performance. The engine is a powerful 43.6 cc two stroke one which also has a diaphragm carburetor that provides smooth flowing of power in any approved operating position. The bar is eighteen inches in length along with the chain with options being available to have longer bars and chains of sixteen and twenty inches length. There is also a heavy-duty cartridge-type filter which will give it unequalled filtration and extends the life of the saw as well causes greater intervals in between maintenance of the chain saw.