Working With A Dolmar Chain Saw

The Dolmar chain saw is the first gas powered chain saw to be put on the market for use. It is also a manufacturer of some wonderful electric chain saws that function to put the Dolmar name on the map and create an incredible buzz about their work. If you are using a Dolmar chain saw, you know that you can count on it to be reliable and commit the best in workmanship to your job. If you know what you are doing in the world of the chain saw, picking the Dolmar brand for your work will never be something you will second guess because people that know use Dolmar.

As with any brand of chain saw, you need to ensure that safety is your top concern. For this reason, take care of your Dolmar chain saw and all of the parts so that you can avoid serious injury that comes with improper use or unnecessary product breakdown. The safety techniques that you can take are really quite simple and can be learned with a simple read through the instruction manual of your chain saw. Be sure to read it thoroughly before you get to work so that you are aware of all of the fundamentals of safety for your Dolmar saw and so that you can work with it to the best of the product's potential possible.

The Safe Operation

One factor to consider for proper operation of your Dolmar chain saw is a clean air filter. You need to ensure that your machine is getting the right amount of air flow through it at all times. You need to ensure that there are not particles getting into the machine that can cause a lapse in the timing. To make sure of this, remove the air filter as per the instructions in your particular chain saw's instruction manual. Wash both halves of the air filter in lukewarm water and a mild soapy solution and then dry it properly. Make sure that you do not use any chemical solvents or other materials on the filter.

Another factor to ensure safe operation is to make sure that your chain is adequately lubricated and taken care of. Always check chain lubrication before you begin using your Dolmar chain saw. This is important because any lack of lubrication could cause kickback which could result in serious injury or even death. It is a simple test; in order to check the lubrication of the chain, do so by consulting your user's manual before use. Try holding the running chain over a piece of cardboard or any pale surface and make sure that oil splashes on the surface. This represents an adequate supply of oil to lubricate your chain on your Dolmar chain saw.