Daisy Chain Saw Adept For Trimming High Branches

By definition, daisy chain refers to connecting two or more units together to have them work together in unison. In the case of a daisy chain saw, however, it refers to linking the controls of a chain saw to an extended handle, without a separate chain saw and pole.

According to tree trimming companies, this type daisy chain saw comes in hand when attempting to trim branches a little higher than a person can reach and they do not like the possible instability of using a pole chain saw. The small, typical 12-inche chain is capable of cutting through branches as thick as seven or eight inches.

Professional tree trimmers, who work from bucket trucks, also utilize a daisy chain saw to trim small branches near the tops of trees when the entire branch does not have to be removed. For instance when trimming near power lines, where getting close enough to the tree may not be possible.

A Saw By Any Other Name Still Cuts

Different models are available, and while not typically sold under the name of a daisy chain saw, the professionals use that name to describe the small, long-handled chain saws they use on a daily basis. Some even come with detachable saws and a string trimmer attachment to be used a trimmer for brush as well as a chain saw.

Most come with nine horsepower electric motors, or higher, to power the saw through six inch branches with the least amount of pressure. As with a pole chain saw, a daisy chain saw must be used with care, especially if working above your head to insure the branch does not fall directly down on the user, which can cause serious injuries.

For the residential user, it can benefit by being able to reach branches in an area of a tree not readily accessible by using a ladder. Using a daisy chain saw instead of a regular chain saw on a straight ladder being held at the top by a branch instead of the trunk of the tree present an unsteady resting place and the slightest sideways motion of the user can send it crashing to the ground.

A step ladder may also not be feasible, depending on the terrain under a tree, making a daisy chain saw the best option. With a reach of up to 12-feet, it makes a good addition to your landscaping equipment.