Durability Built Into Craftsman Chain Saw

It should be fairly obvious that Sears does not have its own manufacturing plant producing power equipment, but the name has the reputation for quality and durability. A Craftsman chain saw, sold exclusively at Sears for years, also has an unparalleled warranty in the retail industry.

The manufacturer, which builds the Craftsman chain saw, has strict specifications to follow from Sears, now known as Sears Holdings since its acquisition of K-Mart, to insure the company's name reflects the quality of the product the name for which Craftsman is known. Typically, unless an item shows signs of outright abuse, returns within the warranty period are handled without question.

The manufacturer may produce equipment with other nameplates, but when they put the Sears brand on a Craftsman chain saw, it must meet the company's requirements. Regardless of the size of the engine, gas or electric or the length of the chain bar, the same quality goes into the product.

Many Sizes, Types Available

There are Craftsman chain saws from 14-inch to 20-inch sizes to make short work of the cutting needs around your home, from landscaping to felling trees. Electric-powered Craftsman chain saws are available from 14-inch to 16-inch and gas-powered Craftsman chain saws from 14-inches to 20-inches.

While a Craftsman chain saw is available from Sears as well as K-Mart stores, Sears also now sells different brand names to meet the needs of their customers. Husqvarna, Poulon and McCulloch brands also have a presence at Sears. Since the merger of Sears and K-Mart, the availability of the Craftsman name has put a Craftsman chain saw into the hands of more homeowners.

Buying your Craftsman chain saw from Sears or K-Mart has other advantages other than the product warranty and customer service. Replacement chains for your Craftsman chain saw can also be bought there, insuring getting the right chain for the saw, as well as bar oil, chain sharpeners and oil to mix with the gas for two-cycle engines. If you need a pole mount chainsaw, Sears also carries the Remington brand.

Replacement parts for a Craftsman chain saw can be ordered through Sears, but are also available at some parts distributors. While they may fit the chain saw you have, they may not be original equipment manufacturer parts and may not have the same quality that Sears demands for their Craftsman line. Additionally, if the chain saw you own is still under warranty, putting lesser-quality parts on it may void the warranty.