Have Your Own Chain Saw Mill In Your Backyard

When noting the rising price of lumber, some people find it hard to believe it grows on trees. For those with an occasional need for wood, whether it is for fence posts or lumber for a few building projects, a chain saw mill may be an efficient way to go. They allow you have your own lumber mill in your backyard, out in your woods or fishing or hunting camp; wherever you may have trees you want to cut down and turn into usable wood.

While owning a high capacity, professional saw mill may run $100,000 or more, you can have a smaller version of a chain saw mill of your own from between $4,000 and $60,000 depending on the size of the trees you will process, types of wood and the number of trees you want to push through.

A basic, no frills chain saw mill, typically has a bed on which the raw logs will be placed. Side rails of the bed, will be parallel to rails over the log on which the housing for the chainsaw is attached. Adjusting the height of the saw housing, determines the depth of the cut. Once the settings are made, the chain saw is started and pushed by hand down the length of the log, creating a board from your own timber.

Working in a saw mill is not easy work. It can very labor-intensive in getting the log onto the bed, turning the log after each successive cut and removing the cut board to a stack. Additionally, most chain saw mill manufacturers will tell you up front, that adding labor-saving options will increase the costs of the chain saw mills.

Hydraulics Take Strain Off The Back

Using hydraulic options can help in many ways. Getting the log onto the cutting bed in one means of reducing the labor involved, but perhaps a better option is the one that advances the chain saw mill's saw housing down the log. This takes away the need to manually advance the saw. It also minimizes the chance the operator will slip while pushing.

A chain saw mill with the appropriate attachments can help you clear a wooded lot, cut lumber to your specific size to build your own house, or log cabin, and then trim trees to post-size pieces to erect a fence around it. All this can be accomplished on your own land, with your trees and a chain saw mill.