Chain Saw Blade: A Major Reason Why People Get Injured

A chain saw is a powerful tool that eases the chore of cutting firewood as well as fallen trees and also is used for removing small trees, but this very power can also be dangerous and many accidents may result from the moving chain contacting the operator in some way or the other. Therefore, one needs to take several measures to prevent injuries from occurring and this is especially important because the chain saw blade moves at around 45MPH. Very often the chain saw blade cuts even whole trees and for this one may need to use an extra long 4' hardened chain saw blade which may cut in both directions and where required, even shorter blades of 2' length can be used, depending on what is being cut or felled.

Keeping The Blade Sharp At All Times Is Very Important

Sometimes the vibration that is generated by a chain saw can cause what is called the Raynaud's syndrome which often affects workers. The sharpness of the blade affects vibration levels but there is no relationship between the sharpness of the chain saw blade and the vibrations caused by it. However, it is a fact that sharp chain saw blades decreases vibrations and also improves the quality of the cut. In addition, in the case of forest workers, there is a need for them to be trained in optimal chain saw blade sharpening. To keep the blade sharp enough to reduce vibrations as well as increase its operating efficiency one may need a solution that would eliminate dull chain saw blades and the answer could possibly be the 100V Electric Chain saw blade Sharpener which has precise angle adjustment and a sharpening wheel that can be used to keep the blade sharp as well as ready to cut.

Keep in mind that when sharpening the chain saw blade one should have heavy gloves as well as a chain saw sharpening attachment #1453 and remember also to begin on the near side teeth and sharpening the far side and upon completion of the top bar, one can advance to the chain with a gloved hand. This should sharpen the chain saw blade to your entire satisfaction. A major source of injuries is the kickback that often accompanies a chain saw's operation and this may happen when the chain saw blade jerks towards the operator and will happen if the blade binds in deep cuts or when cutting using the tip of the saw.