A Chain Saw Bear Carving is Quite a Work of Art

Chain saw bear carvings have become more popular in recent years as both a creative hobby and as an appreciative art form. Depending on where they live, chain saw bear carvings adorn people's backyards as well as parts of their homes. As beautiful as they are, it is important to note that chain saw bear carvings are the result of quite a bit of work and talent.

All About Chain Saw Bear Carving

Chain saw bear carvings are so popular because they can be given as a gift or as a home adornment. Since these are carvings, there is no one particular look to a bear, and each one is different in its own way. Some artisans even create special names for the bears that they create, thus each carving becomes a fun character in itself.

The Pacific Northwest is where chain saw carving itself originated many years ago. Since that time, its popularity has grown to such an extent that special exhibitions are given in which chain saw bear carving is featured along with other types of animals. There are also numerous chain saw carving competitions that take place around the world each year.

The wood that is most often used for a chain saw bear carving is cedar. Cedar is the preferred wood because it has a nice rich color (especially when it is professionally stained) and it is a softer wood which allows for the carving to be more detailed.

While a chain saw bear carving can be as tall as a man, most chain saw bear carvings are generally no more than three feet high. This is mostly attributed to the fact that it is exceptionally hard to find a piece of wood big enough for a larger carving, and such a carving would take a considerable amount of time to complete.

Chain saw bear carvings can be found in a variety of different places. They are, however, most frequently found at crafts fairs or other seasonal fairs. They can also be sometimes found at specialized wood art shops.

The prices for chain saw bear carvings vary widely according to size, and whether they are custom made. For those having trouble locating a bear carving, simply do a bit of research on the internet, and the perfect gift or home decoration is sure to be found and will become quite a conversation piece.