Chain Saw Art Takes Years To Master

Smaller bars and smaller chains are typically used to create chain saw art, and it takes people years to master the practice. Not just in designing and executing the proper cuts to create your chain saw art, but also in doing so safely.

Whether you are cutting up a large log to turn it into an animal figure or using chain saw art to transform a block of ice into a frozen statue, it takes time to learn how to use the chains and bars on the market effectively and safely.

It is well known that kickback is typically the number one cause of chainsaw accidents, and it occurs when the chain gets pinched during a cut, or when the tip comes in contact with an object, even the log being cut. With chain saw art, the tip plays a huge role in carving and opens the door for accident potential.

Proper lubrication is also essential to keep the chain from over heating and binding into the wood while making the intricate cuts required for chain saw art. The correct size chain is also important and some of those into chain saw art have been known to change the chain often while working on one project.

Using Right Saw For The Job

When starting on a chain saw art project, many begin with a standard chain saw, making the larger, more aggressive cuts. Chains typically used in what are considered farm tool saws, or those for home use, have pieces on the chain to help prevent kick back. A chain used in chain saw art may be obtained without these safety units in place and should not be used for any other use.

Smaller chainsaws, 12-inch or 14-inch are usually used for the smaller cuts and bars with smaller tips can be used for making extremely small cuts, These practices are generally in use whether the medium is wood or ice. Using chain saw art on ice offers some challenges as the ice chips tend to fly further than most wood, and goggles are a must-have item for all chain saw art.

Smaller bars and smaller chains do not make for smaller injuries. It is just as easy to lose a limb with a 12-inch saw, as it is with a 20-inch saw so extreme caution is important. Speed is also something that most persons engaged in chain saw art are not looking for. It may take years of practice to make statues faster, but for the beginner, taking it slow and easy will ensure a product is finished without injury.