Antique Chain Saw: A Hard To Find Item Of Equipment

The antique chain saw is not easy to find and one may need to do a lot of research before finding one. A fascinating early antique chain saw is the one that was manufactured by the Power Machinery Company of Vancouver, BC, Canada. It consists of a manual clutch rather than the automatic centrifugal clutches being used these days. Most antique chain saws are mostly the property of single owners who have had them for quite some time and very often these are not even in working condition. They may require restoration of the chain saw which may be done by finding some paint with which to repaint the chain saw to protect it from exposure to the sun as well as other weather elements and before running the chain saw after having painted it may require using lacquer paint so that the paint would not lift and peel as easily as do enamel paint especially when it is exposed to gasoline.

The Homelite And McCulloch Antique Pieces

Other antique chain saws available with owners may include the Homelite 17A or the McCulloch 3-25 and some of them are two man chain saws. The Homelite Super EZ Auto is one fine antique chain saw that was built in the late 60s and has O-rings on the manual oiler plunger which very often went bad. There is also the XL-2 which also came out in the 60s and was a pretty good small chain saw though newer models seemed to have been plagues by some rather unsolvable issues. Very often, it is also hard to find decent spare parts and so the antique chain saw is usually left to rust away in the backyard or a storage dump, forgotten and remaining nothing more than just a fond memory.

For those who are interested in viewing these antique chain saws there are very often antique and vintage chain saw display shows as well as competitions where there are all assortments of old and aged antique chain saws which owners put out in the hope of earning a prize or just for showing off these seldom seen items of equipment. Sometimes, these display shows are held annually where people can come and compete or hold demonstrations of cutting with the antique chain saw and such events are sure to be lots of fun and sometimes attract collectors with their bouquet of antique chain saws.