Chain Saw: Handy Equipment For Almost Everyone

The chain saw is a handy piece of equipment that a homeowner can use for cleaning up a few trees and limbs out in the yard or a farmer would be cutting firewood and keeping the pasture clean or a firefighter would use it to cut a firebreak for a forest fire. The chain saw is also useful when one wants to experience and get close and personal with gasoline power for it runs on a basic two-stroke engine and usually has a sixteen inch cutting bar with the chain running in a groove around this bar and there are also cutting teeth on the chain. The two-stroke engine is air-cooled and the chain is driven by a centrifugal clutch and when the engine is idling, the clutch gets disengaged. As the engine speeds up, the centrifugal plates in the clutch begin to spin outward and engage the clutch and this makes the chain run and the engine can displace 3 cubic inches.

Truly Amazing Power

The engine of a typical chain saw is truly amazing because of the amount of horsepower that it develops for its weight and this is calibrated to one horsepower per pound of engine weight and this can be attributed to the air-cooled engine which eliminates the weight of the radiator, water pump and water as well as it being two stroke, thus it does not have any valves or cams and will then generate power every time the crankshaft rotates which is twice that of a four stroke engine. This enables a two-stroke chain saw to generate twice the power of a four-stroke engine of like displacement.

The Remington 16 inch Electric Chain Saw has rugged power and performance and is ideal for getting the job done with amazing speed as well as ease and it comes with a 3.25 horsepower engine which will cut right through branches, landscaping timber and a lot more. There are many safety features to this chain saw that include rear hand guards as well as a guard link chain and a guide bar for reduced kickback. This chain saw also has a push button oiler that can be used to give the bar and chain longer life and a lightweight and well-balanced design makes for easier handling. This chain saw is not at all costly and one may need to pay no more than forty dollars for it and it provides power and value for money.