Do You Need A Washable Cat Bed?

Cats are known for being clean animals, but a cat bed will not always stay clean, especially with all the hair that the cat will be shedding. It is a good idea to wash your pet's bed once in a while, not only to make it look good, but because there are health risks that are associated with not cleaning your pet's bed (not to mention the odor that begins to present itself when a bed is not washed).

You can wash the cover of just about any pet bed, but usually not the pillow underneath. An entirely washable cat bed would be a good idea to invest in not only for the convenience of not having to take a cover off, but because you will be able to wash the entire thing.

The Benefits Of A Washable Cat Bed

Now, one benefit of a washable cat bed is the ease in which you can actually wash the bed, but there are many other positive aspects of owning a washable cat bed. For instance, continuous washing of a pet's bed can keep odors away but more importantly, keep the fleas away. It is never a good experience to have a cat with fleas, and you can find them in your washable cat bed if it goes unwashed for a long period of time. Again, try finding a cat bed that is easy to wash so it does not become a chore doing it on a regular basis.

Regular washing of your pet's bed keeps other parasites away as well. Your pets will be healthier with a clean bed and they will be happier sleeping on a clean bed. An animal's health can actually deteriorate if the bed is not kept clean. Chronic illnesses and pains can become worse with an unclean bed. A washable cat bed that is cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis is a great way to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Some people have problems getting their pets to want to sleep on their beds. However, with a clean bed, the pet will be more attracted to it. Just like humans, the cat will want to spend its time on something clean. After all, a cat spends most of its day sleeping, so why should it be on something dirty?

Finding a pet bed that is comfortable is very important, but it is also important to find a bed that is easily washable. Regular washing of your cat's bed is a good idea because it will not only keep your pet happy, but it will prevent certain health risks from arising as well.