Your Cat Is Worth A Lectro Thermal Heated Cat Bed

Beloved author and veterinarian James Herriot wrote about a cat who loved fire. The black cat would perch directly in front of the fireplace, gazing in adoration at the hearth. Cats do seem to worship heat. One of the greatest luxuries you can get your cat is a Lectro thermal heated cat bed.

You should also consider a Lectro thermal heated cat bed if your cat is older, has recently lost a lot of weight, is recovering from illness, has mobility problems such as arthritis or seems to constantly some in from the outdoors soaked to the skin. Grabbing your cold, wet cat to towel he or she off will not endear you to your cat.

It will stress out both you and your cat. If the cat already knows of a sanctuary where there is heat and a comfortable place to sleep, he or she will naturally run there whenever soaked. Older animals will love the heat to help loosen stiffened limbs, especially in winter.

Cats can get sick from sleeping all the time in the cold - just like you can sick from not keeping yourself properly warm. Making sure your cat has a warm place to snuggle can save you from substantial vet pills and the heartache of tending a sick cat.

What Is It?

A Lectro thermal heated cat bed is often sold under such cute names as Lectro Thermal Kitty Bed. They are made by a company specializing in pet products. Don't tell your cat, but toy sized dogs also enjoy Lectro thermal heated cat beds. The base of the sug round bed, the mattress, is orthopedic foam. Buried in the foam is a safe, removable four watt ultra light heating element.

Covering all this is faux sheepskin fleece. This covering is machine washable (when your cat will let you touch the bed). The Lectro thermal heated cat bed also has a thermostat and a one year warranty. Ideally, it's only supposed to be for indoor use. It is about fifty dollars, depending on what store you get it from. You can find Lectro thermal heated cat beds in many online pet stores. Make sure you know how big your cat is before you buy, so you can get the bed that fits your cat.

In the Lectro pet line up are many other heated beds and pads for cats and dogs. Odds are the cats will probably take over the dogs' heated beds.