Designer Cat Beds: Affordable Feline Luxury

Your cat needs his or her own cat bed. If you do not provide one for Kitty, Kitty will select a cat bed all by his or herself. This bed may not be where you want it to be. If you provide a cat bed for Kitty, this soon become Kitty's sanctuary. You can get a plain old run of the mill cat bed, or you can get a designer cat bed. If your Kitty prefers more expensive cat foods to the ones on sale, then Kitty will especially be they type to appreciate a designer cat bed.

Off The Rack Or Not?

Fortunately, in the world of pet supplies, a designer cat bed doesn't mean it was created by a famous high fashion designer, and thus have an astronomical price. Could that explain the term "catwalk"? Anyway, designer cat beds are called that because they tend to have designs on them, some of which mimic human fashionable clothes and furniture.

They are easily available in pet stores, some department stores and online pet supply shops. Designer cat beds are also found in specialty pet supply mail order businesses, LL Bean and in the classifieds of pet magazines. Usually, no assembly is required for designer pet beds unless you buy a fancy frame for the bed itself. Designer cat beds are usually machine washable or at least can be washed with spray cleaners and paper towels. Designer cat beds often have covers that are easily removable and machine washable so they keep the interior "mattress" part of the bed clean.

So Many Choices, So Little Time To Sleep

There are many sizes, shapes and patterns of designer cat beds. One of the most popular kinds of designer cat beds look as if they were made out of the fur coats of tigers or leopards. This is only faux fur or polyester made to look like fur. Others come in fashionable patterns like Scottish plaid or Dalmatian prints. Often, you can get Kitty's name embroidered on for an extra cost.

Designer cat beds also come in shapes that mimic human furniture. They can look like little couches, beanbag chairs or beds. Some designer cat beds come with a half a hood to give Kitty some privacy. Designer cats beds can be elevated off the floor or plunked right down on the floor. Designer cat beds should be portable, for Kitty's prerogative is to change her mind often.