Covered Cat Bed Provides Solitude And Comfort

If your cat is the type that likes to sleep in isolated places or you find it trying to crawl under the covers of your bed, you might want to consider getting a covered cat bed in which it can sleep. This can provide the cat with the hidden feeling it may be seeking as well as the comfort to keep it contented.

You can find a covered cat bed in many colors and designs and while choosing one to match the d├ęcor of the house or the room in which it will be, the inside should be chosen with the cat's comfort in mind. It should be of the material the cat finds comfortable such as lambs wool, cotton or many other materials, and if the material is not washable, it should have a removable lining that can go into the washing machine.

Keeping the covered cat bed clean not only keeps the odor down, it will also prevent the buildup of pests such as fleas, dust mites or other allergens that may cause the cat to become ill. Placement of the covered cat bed should also be considered as while it may enjoy lying in the bed, if it is in a place it is not accustomed to sleeping, it probably will not use it. Place it where the cat normally sleeps until it gets to using it, then it can be moved to another place.

What To Look For In Choosing Covered Cat Bed

In addition to being able to wash the covered cat bed or its liner, you should also be able to dry it thoroughly. Leaving it damp may make it unappealing to the cat, but more appealing to mold and dust, which can make it a health hazard for the animal. The lining should also provide sufficient comfort and while cedar chips are thought to keep fleas at bay, they can be difficult to wash and dry and may not provide the comfort the cat is looking for in its sleeping quarters.

The covered cat bed should be large enough for the cat to be able to turn around in, but not so large that it loses its protective feeling. Consider your cat's preferred sleeping place and look for a covered cat bed that simulates the surroundings. If the cat does not feel secure and comfortable, it will be reluctant to use the bed. Additionally, think about your cat's unique personality and find a bed that is better suited to its quirks. If the cat does not like the bed, it will not sleep in it.